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Santa Teresa Little League

We Need You!

It's Simple.... without Managers & Coaches, there  are No Games, No Practices, No Teams, No Baseball....
We only go as far as our volunteers take us

All of our Coaches:
Are Volunteers
In fact, Santa Teresa Little League is an 100% Volunteer run organization

Are on the field because they want the best for the youth of or community

Many of our Coaches:
Never Coached before joining Santa Teresa Little League
Had no training in Coaching Baseball before joining the league
Never thought they would be a Coach
Just volunteered because they wanted to be sure their child's team had a coach
Don't plan to Manage at the MLB level
Start Coaching at the T-Ball Level & keep coaching for 10+ years

Some of our Coaches:
Never Played Baseball 
Go on to manage at the High School level and beyond

Whether it is the love of the game or a passion for helping the youth of our community,
our players need you in order to get out on the Diamond.

FAQs about Coaching & Managing

Do I have to have past experience as a coach?
No.  Most of our Managers and Coaches start out with little to no experience with coaching or leading youth.  Many are dads & moms who just want to make sure their child has a great experience with their first exposure to baseball (or any sport).  Many find that they have a passion for coaching and find that they get just as much out of the experience as the players.

What qualities make a great coach?
Especially at the lower levels, patience is key.  If you can wrangle a group of 4-6, 5-year-olds at the Tee-Ball level, you have what it takes.  As you advance in your coaching experience, organization and planning ability become key.  And the ability to learn (and then teach) new concepts (like a bunt sign) will come in handy.

Will someone show me what to do?
Our Division Directors & Coaching Directors have all worked their way through the Coaching & Managing Ranks and are happy to share their knowledge.  We also hold Coaching Clinics to help Managers & Coaches develop their Baseball and Youth Leadership skills.  Additionally, especially at the lower levels, we provide tools to help you plan for practices and games.  

What is the time commitment?
This will vary by division.  In the lower divisions, this is normally about 5-7 hours a week.  In the Upper levels, it can be 10-15 hours.  As a general rule of thumb, plan on spending 30 minutes planning & prepping for each hour of on field time.  

Do I need any special Certifications?
Yes, but they are not hard to get.  We require 3 things prior to allowing coaches to take the field:
-Background Check (process is initiated as part of the Volunteer Application)
-USA Baseball Abuse Awareness certification (Must be completed and submitted during the Volunteer Application Process)
-CDC Heads -Up Concussion Training (Must be completed and submitted during the Volunteer Application Process)
-Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Training (Must be completed and submitted during the Volunteer Application Process)
-Click Here for more information on these requirements

Interested in Coaching

Need More Information?

If you would like to speak to one of our Division Directors to learn more about coaching, please email [email protected].

Team Roles Definitions


  • In Upper Divisions (AAA & Up): Drafts players for team after attending Tryouts and Evaluating players

  • Creates Practice plans and executes them with assistance from Assistant Coaches

  • Sets positions & line-up for Games

  • Creates a game plan that adheres to Little League Greenbook Rules & STLL By-laws with regard to playing time

  • Effectively communicates with players, parents, and league officials

  • Builds a sense of community within the team

  • Works with Team Parent to ensure all volunteer assignments are filled for each game, including Umpire Assignments for games assigned

  • Attends Managers Meetings (Safety Meeting, Division Meetings, Coaches Clinics, Umpire Trainings)

Assistant Coach

  • Executes Practice Plan at direction of Manager

  • Fulfills Base-Coaching or Bench (Dugout) Coaching responsibilities

  • Provides feedback to Manager as needed

  • Able to fill in for Manager as needed

Team Parent

  • Assists manager with Effective Communication to parents

  • Creates Volunteer Assignment Schedule for games and Umpire Assignments

  • Manages & Collects any Team Fees, if applicable (Examples: Team Banner, End of Season Party, Coaches Gifts, Umpire Buyouts)

  • Builds a sense of community within the team

  • Attends Team Parent Meetings (usually 1-2 per season)

  • Coordinates volunteers from Team for League-Wide Events


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