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STLL community members can sign in, register, and log hours here 

You can use our web portal or download the mobile app your Android or iPhone.  


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Points Chart

Updated September 6, 2023 

Volunteering Activity
League Wide Roles
 Board Director10 
 League Coordinator5 - 10Based on need and level of activity 
 Field Maintenance Crew Member - Season Up to 10 Fall crew members will receive 3 points to cover volunteering requirement 
 Team Roles ( Spring/Fall )
 Manager  Spring-10, Fall-3 
 Assistant Coach  Spring-7, Fall-3

Uppers / Majors / AAA – Max 2 per team 
AA and below – Max 3 per team 

 Team Parent
Spring-7, Fall-3
Will allow Spring teams to have 2x team parents at 4 pts each if desired
 Field Support  Point per hour  Minimum 2 hour shift. Opportunities include field
maintenance, clean up, or TBD projects
 Volunteer Umpire Assignment + umpire training  3+1  Does not include mandatory team assignments 
 Events Support  Point per hour Minimum 2 hour shift 
 Registration Support Point per hour   Minimum 2 hour shift 
 Uniforms Support  Point per hour   Minimum 2 hour shift 
 Concessions Support  Varies Based on activity and time required 
 Operations Support  Varies Project-based opportunities. Examples may include document creation, data entry and organization
 Skills / Donations Trade  Up to 10  Please submit requests here 
 Please note, this is a living list. While items on here are fixed, our program is intended to be flexible and inclusive. Please reach out to Roger Fortier, Community Engagement Director at [email protected] if you have any questions or ideas for activities which are not listed here but may benefit the league 

Volunteering App Questions - Track It Forward

Q: How will STLL keep track of points earned by families? 
A: We will be using a new App for the Volunteering program called Track It Forward which you can download on your Android or iPhone here at  

Q: How does Track It Forward work?
A: Each family will have a profile in the system tied to the email address used to register players in the league. Families choosing the Volunteering Program option at registration will be assigned to that season. Each season will have a “milestone” that shows you what you need to complete and where you stand. When the milestones are completed, we will record this on the back end as “complete.”

Q: How do I create an account? 
A: STLL will create an account for each family based on the registration email you have on file, exactly the same way we create GameChanger accounts. Once an account is in the system, you can login, change the password and start tracking the points you’ve earned and signing up for volunteering activities. 

Q: What if I have more than one family member that will be volunteering?
A: All families are asked to use a shared account for now in Track It Forward if possible.

Q: Can I have more than one account?
A: In instances where families use two different email accounts to register their children, we can support multiple family accounts in Track It Forward and then link the accounts so that the entire family is only working towards the one singular “milestone” that is required. We just need to know which accounts to link. Please work with us on this as it’s an advanced capability we will be using.

Q: The App says “hours”, but you are talking about “points.” Are they the same?
A: For the purposes of tracking, the milestone “hours” are the points you have accrued. The reason we are using points is that for some volunteering activities, the points and the hours don’t line up perfectly. For instance, a manager or board member volunteers more than 10 hours. So, we simply assign 10 “hours” which = 10 points. Same with other positions. The only thing you really need to understand is where you stand against the milestone.

Q: Will I track my own points or will STLL track them for me?
A: It will depend on the activity. Our goal is to make tracking and logging points as easy as possible. For major events, we may run a check in kiosk to confirm people check in and out for shifts. We will then bulk update everyone’s points after the event. For one-off activities, we may ask families to log the activity in the app on their phone. This will then be reviewed and signed off by an administrator.

Q: Do I have to log my hours/points if I am volunteering for a league-wide or team role?
A: No. Once the season begins and things have settled in with all these roles, we will bulk update all the points for people that are serving on the board, or have taken positions as managers, coaches and team parents.

Q: What are my options for logging and reviewing hours?
A: You can view them on your phone via the Track It Forward app, or bookmark and visit our page at

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